12 Biggest Wastes of Money

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Do you waste money? Your first answer might be no, but if you look closely at your bank account, you might realize you’re overspending. Although we all have different spending habits, here are 12 things most people waste money on. 

Lying to Your Therapist

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Isn’t it a waste of money to pay a therapist only to lie to them? A therapist writes, “While we are not mind readers, often we are acutely aware that you’re lying to us, and it just leaves us incredulous. You’re not here to impress me or paint an ideal picture of yourself but to work through a challenge.”

Paying for an Email Account

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Why people still pay for an email account decades later is ridiculous. “My parents still pay for a home line, but the only people who call them are solicitors. They both have cell phones,” adds a poster. 

Designer Baby Shoes

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People also don’t understand why some parents pay a hefty amount for designer baby shoes “that the baby will inevitably quickly grow out of.” And it’s not just shoes but clothes, too. “Babies don’t care what they wear,” a commentator points out.  


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“I resent subscriptions,” says a poster, “Why can’t I just own something anymore? It’s infuriating.” Lately, it is impossible to own software as they always charge a subscription fee. 


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Another waste of money is purchasing cigarettes that only make you stink and “ruin your health.”

 A smoker who plans on quitting someday writes, “$20 a pack in Canada. I smoke over a pack daily, usually lighting one every 15-20 minutes when I am home. It’s horrible and disgusting.”

Big Weddings

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A wedding shouldn’t be “one great day of living, over years of food and medical insecurity.” There’s no need to sink into debt to show off and please people. 

Class Rings

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“The marketing of class rings is predatory and unethical,” states a poster who considers them a waste of money. “My parents wanted me to get one. I convinced them a TV for college would be a better investment, and I still have it 10 years later,” shares a user. 

Printer Ink

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Some users also consider printer ink a waste of money because it’s expensive. One commentator explains, “I had a neighbor that would buy a new printer every time he needed ink because it was cheaper. He’d just put the old ones for sale on eBay for like 15 bucks.” 

In-Game Purchases in Video Games

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Other users find it absurd when people make in-game purchases in video games. However, some feel this is a sound purchase if you enjoy the game. One user explains, “It’s like buying accessories for your car, gun, or fishing rod. Everyone spends money on their hobbies.”

Pickup Trucks

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We get that pickups are appealing, given that the cost of sedans and SUVs are almost within the same price range. But if you have no use for the truck, resist the urge to spend money on it. 

One poster says, “As a young homeowner, I see the appeal of a pickup. Do you need some landscaping rock? Just run down and get a load. But delivery services exist. I can pay for many deliveries for the 60k a new pickup costs.” 


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It is also ridiculous that some people spend “tens of thousands for the initial purchase (of timeshares) and multiple thousands in maintenance fees yearly.”

Food Deliveries

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“Paying almost twice the cost of the food to have it delivered is absurd,” explains a poster, “unless you order like $50+ food, it makes no sense.”

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