14 Phrases People Hate Hearing

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What phrase gets you wishing, “I don’t want to hear this,” or “I have better things to do” when people say it to you? The following are 13 irritating phrases that people are sick of hearing. 

“Why Are You So Quiet”

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It’s maybe because “I have nothing to say,” “I don’t want to talk to you,” or “because you guys are all talking so fast that by the time I get a chance to make a point, the conversation shifted to three other subjects already.” The bottom line is this phrase is infuriating. 

“Just Stop Thinking About It”

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It’s also infuriating when you are anxious, and someone drops the line, “Just stop thinking about it.” Well, I would if it were that easy. “It’s the same vibes as ‘Just cheer up,’ and ‘Calm down,'” reads a post.  

“I’m Only Trying to Help”

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“I’m only trying to help” and “I’m just saying” also rub online users the wrong way. For starters, “your help isn’t helpful at all,” and you “don’t have the capacity to just leave things alone.”

“You Should Smile More”

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Well, “Being forced to smile is lame as hell.” 

“That’s Still Your Mother”

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It’s sick how people use this phrase to justify manipulative and abusive mothers. If you have a toxic relationship with your mother, you can cut her off. 

“No One Wants to Work”

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This phrase is “soul-crashing and self-esteem destroying.” And it often comes from the “person who just can’t figure out why no one will fill the job they’re offering, which is 5 hours a week at minimum wage and irregular hours with zero benefits.”

“It Gets Better”

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No, it doesn’t always get better. Another irritating phrase is, “You’ll change your mind when you’re my age.”

“But You’d Be Such a Good Mommy”

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Some people will sway you into parenthood. But only you should decide to gauge whether you want to be a mom or a dad. 

“You Need to Lose Weight”

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“Bro, if you know I am fat, I definitely know I am. I am trying, so shut up,” writes an annoyed commentator. It’s the same with skinny people who hear, “You should put some meat on your bones” or “No one likes a skinny person.”

“You Just Need a Little More Experience”

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Assume you’ve worked in a job role for 5+ years, and the minute you ask for a promotion, this phrase is used. What more experience do you need?  

“If You Ignore the Bullies, They Will Go Away”

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This is a lie that people keep telling. “I learned the hard way that this doesn’t work. When someone bullies you, a) Go to the appropriate authority and report it, then b) Defend yourself,” encourages a poster. 

“Vaccines Cause Autism”

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It’s heartbreaking that some people say, “Vaccines cause autism,” or “I’d rather have a dead kid than an autistic one.”

One parent shares, “The first question I get asked when I tell people my kid has autism is, ‘Was he vaccinated?’ Like that’s the explanation.”

“You’re Gonna Regret Getting All the Tattoos”

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This line, coupled with “How are you going to get married?” or “They’ll look ugly when you are old,” are insane. 

“Why on earth would I want to marry someone who doesn’t like my tattoos?” wonders a commentator. “And who is looking at old people and thinking, ‘Man, that old person would be hot if it wasn’t for all the tattoos?'” wonders another. 

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