16 Men Share What Women Do That Give Them the Ick

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Most men have trouble putting into words what they want in a relationship. But that’s not to say they do not know what they hate. Different men on a popular online forum shared 16 traits and habits women have that give them the ick. Read on. 

Silent Treatment

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Women love silent treatment, which often seems like “standard practice.” However, men find it a huge turnoff. “It’s ridiculous and infuriating,” writes a guy who ended a relationship due to this. “Silent treatment is abusive,” reads another post. 

When They Think a Toxic Trait Is Cute 

Men also hate it when women describe their toxic traits as cute. “There’s a huge difference between being blunt respectfully and being a bitch,” shares a commentator. 

Confusing Confidence With Being Inconsiderate

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One poster adds, “Also confusing consideration with lacking confidence,” and another saying, “I see young women confuse arrogance for confidence.


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One guy writes, “I acknowledge that you have been in a previous relationship where someone lied and/or cheated on you but don’t spend your life trying to catch me in some lie, so you can have your self-fulfilling prophecy that all men are liars.

Loudly Empathizing With Every Cause

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Empathizing with causes is great. However, men hate it when the same empathizing women treat the people they meet as trash.

Do Something Hurtful, Then Play Victim

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“This is called DARVO: Deny, Attack, Reverse, Victim, and Offender. It is a common manipulation strategy of psychological abusers,” points out a user. 

Another user explains that it is similar to the woman saying, “I did something horrible which made you mad. Now I’m upset because you are mad at me, and you have to make me feel better.”

Lie About How They Feel

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Men also share it is exhausting when they ask a woman how they feel only to get an “I’m okay” when things clearly aren’t okay. 

“I hate the phrases ‘I’m fine’ and ‘It’s fine’ because now I have to play 20 questions to figure out what’s wrong, or I’m the one who doesn’t communicate,” says a dude.  

Not Taking Accountability

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Men hate it when women are at fault but won’t care to admit it or apologize. 

Acting Dumb for the Sake of Being Cute

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A user who has talked with such a woman says, “It was like trying to have a conversation with a potato.” A different post reads, “It’s not cute. It’s annoying. Shut up.” 

Casual Hate

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A post says, “It’s like they cannot let things be. They have to be condescending or act holier than thou for no reason over things that genuinely do not matter.”

Fake Eyelashes

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It turns out men find long, thick, and obviously fake eyelashes hilarious and ridiculous.

Baby Voice

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“I cannot stand it,” says a user, “Especially when you hear them use their normal voice when speaking to someone professionally, and they go back to baby voice with you.”

Mentioning Their Ex Constantly

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Everyone has an ex, and it becomes a nuisance when a woman constantly talks about their ex. Why include them in daily conversations? 

Emasculating Men Who Show Emotions

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“My wife wants me to be more vulnerable but then immediately downplays or denies my feelings, then gets up in arms when my feelings go from hurt to pissed off,” explains a husband. 

Always Talk About Themselves and Never Ask You Anything

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Men dislike it when women want all the attention while giving none. “Or when you finally start to talk about even the smallest of things going on in your life, and they manage to bring it back to them,” writes a poster. 

Letting Their Phones Be a Distraction From Being Present

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“It’s not immature. It’s really disrespectful,” says a user who condemns this behavior. “If something important catches my attention, I feel compelled to apologize and pause the conversation to address it,” he adds.

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