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12 Popular Things People Refuse to Get Into

Certain habits, lifestyles, and products receive global attention. However, despite having millions of followers or supporters, many are adamant about not getting into these 12 popular things.  TikTok With over 800 million monthly users, TikTok is a global sensation, but some Reddit users are not so thrilled. One commentator wonders, … Read more

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10 Worst Movies People Have Ever Watched

Whether it’s terrible acting, poor directing, or a lousy script, these 10 movies are abysmally bad that Redditors find them repulsing to watch, even if some were blockbuster hits.  Suicide Squad “The plot made no sense. Super-secret group of criminals with no superpowers (except the devil guy) to be used … Read more

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12 Normal Words That Were Ruined by the Internet

The internet has brought great changes and innovations since the late 90s. It has become an essential tool for information, communication, and interaction. But it has also affected our speech. Here are 12 normal words that were ruined by the internet.  Karen For Gen X, Karen was simply a real … Read more

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10 Quick Skills to Learn for Your Resume

Do you want to increase your chances of securing a better, well-paying job? Here are ten quick skills you can learn in six months or less.  Master Excel Attaching a Microsoft Excel certification can help impress and convince potential employers that you are a master in the field. One Reddit … Read more

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12 Things to Never Buy at a Thrift Store

From watches to books and vintage silverware, you can find many great deals at a thrift store. But there are 12 things to skip, no matter how tempting the price tag is.  Mattress Resist the urge to buy a thrift store mattress, as the likelihood of taking home bedbugs and … Read more

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12 Worst TV Series That Everyone Still Likes

Do you have one or two TV series that excite everyone around you, but you cannot get yourself to complete the first episode or season? Well, you are not alone. Here are the 12 worst TV series that everyone likes.  CW DC Shows The CW DC Shows are first on … Read more

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12 Things No One Noticed Disappeared

From the headache-inducing television to the convenient pay phone right around the block, Redditors say these are just two of the 12 things no one noticed disappeared. Let’s look at more items that were once popular that fell off the face of the earth.  3D Television The Samsung UN55F8000 was … Read more

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14 Must-Have Finds at the Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree can be an untapped resource when it comes to shopping. Whether you’re looking for professional office supplies or dinosaur-themed party hats for kids, it’ll be a quick, easy, and affordable place to get what you need. Here are some of the best finds you can get at … Read more

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13 Television Shows With Bad Finales

We fall in love with television shows because of good storylines, riveting scripts, and great characters. But there are few TV series where you watch the finale and go, “Is that it? I waited years for that ending?” And like you, here are 13 television shows where viewers were annoyed … Read more

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13 Villains That Were Terrifying Because They Were Right

Terrifying villains tend to be cookie-cutter Hollywood characters whose devious ways are predictable enough to drive a plot. However, we sometimes see them differently, especially when we understand their philosophy and ideology.  Magneto In the X-Men universe, Magneto thrives on righteous anger caused by a lifetime of painful experiences. One … Read more

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