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12 Popular Things People Refuse to Get Into

Certain habits, lifestyles, and products receive global attention. However, despite having millions of followers or supporters, many are adamant about not getting into these 12 popular things.  TikTok With over 800 million monthly users, TikTok is a global sensation, but some Reddit users are not so thrilled. One commentator wonders, … Read more

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10 Worst Movies People Have Ever Watched

Whether it’s terrible acting, poor directing, or a lousy script, these 10 movies are abysmally bad that Redditors find them repulsing to watch, even if some were blockbuster hits.  Suicide Squad “The plot made no sense. Super-secret group of criminals with no superpowers (except the devil guy) to be used … Read more

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12 Normal Words That Were Ruined by the Internet

The internet has brought great changes and innovations since the late 90s. It has become an essential tool for information, communication, and interaction. But it has also affected our speech. Here are 12 normal words that were ruined by the internet.  Karen For Gen X, Karen was simply a real … Read more

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10 Tips to Get the Best Night’s Sleep

Achieving a good night’s sleep is not merely a luxury, but a fundamental pillar of health and wellbeing. It’s the essential rejuvenation period that allows our bodies to repair, our minds to organize thoughts, and our emotions to find balance. However, falling asleep fast and getting quality sleep can sometimes … Read more

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21 British Phrases That Puzzle Americans

Even though the United States uses English and was formerly a British colony, the two versions of the language have evolved distinctly over time. Let’s explore 21 terms prevalent in British English that could potentially perplex American English speakers. Snog The term snog was briefly popular in America thanks to … Read more

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The 10 Things to Consider Before Buying an EV

In recent years, electric vehicles (EVs) have surged in popularity, with numerous renowned automobile manufacturers introducing their own EV models. However, is their performance truly commendable? Insights into the potential drawbacks of owning an electric vehicle were garnered from a discussion on Reddit. Upfront Cost Electric vehicles can be more … Read more

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10 Quick Skills to Learn for Your Resume

Do you want to increase your chances of securing a better, well-paying job? Here are ten quick skills you can learn in six months or less.  Master Excel Attaching a Microsoft Excel certification can help impress and convince potential employers that you are a master in the field. One Reddit … Read more

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