21 British Phrases That Are Confusing to Americans

Although the United States speak English and was once under British rule, the two languages have diverged over the years. Here are 21 words that exist in British English, but might confuse Americans. Snog The term snog was briefly popular in America thanks to the books “Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal … Read more

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50+ Hilarious Spring Puns to Start the Season Right

Spring is a special time. A time for new beginnings, growth, laughter and fresh starts. In celebration of this fun and exciting time of year, we’ve collected the best, the funniest, and the freshest jokes and puns dedicated to this special season. You’ll also spot some clever wordplays like bay-bee, … Read more

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Harry Potter Jokes Even Voldemort Will Love

Why does Neville have to use two stalls when he goes to the bathroom? Because he has a Longbottom. Harry Potter jokes are always fun to read, and luckily with such a large following, it’s hard to find a muggle who can’t see the humor. Here are some hilarious jokes … Read more

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