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What Is Hardiplank? (Is It the Right Siding for Your Home?)

Hardiplank is a fiber cement siding that offers textures similar to wood. Unlike vinyl siding and other lap siding options, it is more weather-resistant and, in fact, can last up to 40 years. The downside? Having a HardiePlank siding costs more and requires hiring professional siding contractors.  In this article, … Read more

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16 Easy DIY Tree House Ideas With Free Plans Included

Whether having a treehouse was your childhood dream or you want your kids to experience the fun and joy you had with a backyard tree fort, these DIY tree house ideas will give you inspiration! It covers many different styles, including a pirate ship-inspired design to a simple and classic … Read more

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Monthly and Annual Car Maintenance Checklist

Earlier this year, the average price of a new car hit a new record of $41,000. And to maximize the value of that investment, it’s now more important than ever for you to perform and complete a car maintenance checklist. According to Consumer Reports, that can extend the life of … Read more

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Difference of Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil

There are several options to choose from when replacing oil for your vehicle, but you are required to know the dissimilarity between synthetic oil vs. conventional oil before picking one. Conventional oil is acquired from crude, and it is mainly preferred since it is stable and supports lubrication even in … Read more

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Replace Your Shower Head in 11 Easy Steps

Stepping into the shower and seeing an old and corroded showerhead is not something pleasant. Plus, are you really cleaning yourself when all that yucky and dangerous gunk on the nozzles are contaminating the otherwise clean water? The good news is swapping your showerheads is a beginner-friendly DIY repair! Your … Read more

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